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Organic Rice Syrup

Organic Rice Syrup is a readily available and inexpensive natural sweetener that has many advantages. For many natural and ‘organic’ food shoppers, Organic Rice Syrup is the premier sweetener as its flavor is mild and unique, yet its sweetening ability is excellent. Further, consumption of Organic Rice Syrup gives you the added protection of chemical-free diet as it is manufactured without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and is supervised from seed to process. This also entails the fact that the main ingredient of Organic Rice Syrup, which is rice, is grown organically too. Generally prepared from GM-Free Rice, the organic factor about Organic Rice Syrup is maintained right from soil quality of paddy field, the entire cultivation method to the processing stage. Thus these Rice Syrups have become the first choice for consumers who strictly maintain a chemical-free diet.

Organic Rice Syrup is basically a low-calorie sweetener that promises you the same sweetness of a regular sugar but keeps you away from the bulges that start to appear after regular consumption of sugar. Further, sweetness is the most alluring flavor for our taste buds but we can’t afford to have it at the cost of obesity and diabetes. To end this impending dilemma of food lovers, Organic Rice Syrup is perhaps the best way out. To prepare Organic Clear Rice Syrup, fresh and organically produced rice is cooked in pure filtered water until most of the water is evaporated. Leaving aside the resultant starch-like heavy liquid, the rest is then processed with some enzymes. What remains is a naturally sweet golden syrup that retains the pure whole grain goodness. And these liquids are known as Organic Clear Rice Syrups, a healthful and gluten and allergen-free alternative to other sweeteners. Used as a substitute for white and brown sugar, varieties of Organic Rice Syrup include brown rice syrup, clear rice syrup, rice bran syrup, rice malt, and yinnie syrup. Following its amazing qualities, nutritional values and sweetening capabilities, Organic Rice Syrup is also referred to as rice honey. Lightly sweet, honey-colored, smooth and chemical-free, Organic Rice Syrup is a nutritive sweetener about one half as sweet as sugar. To substitute rice syrup in place of sugar, honey, corn syrup, maple syrup or molasses, it is preferred to use ¼ cup rice syrup for one cup sugar, using ¼ cup less of another liquid in the recipe.  

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